ISBN : 0763617105
Book title / 圖書名稱 : Owl Babies
Author / 作者 : Martin Waddell, Patrick Benson (Illustrator)
Description / 介紹 : Owl Babies is one of my favorite childhood books. I enjoy reading it to toddlers, as it is very simple story. The illustrations go perfectly with the night owl theme and insecurity of the owl babies. The constant dialogue between the owl babies allows for various vocal inflections to give depth to each character. The anxiety felt by the owl babies wishing their mother would return is an easily understood concept and you can elaborate on how the baby owls stayed together and waited patiently.
Tutor Time Mid Levels - Mr. Dan

This book teaches the children that it’s always good to stay together and to love one another. The illustrations are nice.
Pondok Indah - MS IRA

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