ISBN : 0064435962
Book title / 圖書名稱 : From head to toe
Author / 作者 : Eric Carle
Description / 介紹 : From Head to Toe is a wonderful story to tell to my nursery class. The book goes through different animals and their movements, and then asks you if you can do it. We get to stand up, move around and do different body movements. When we ask the children if they can move in this way, they answer, "Yes I can!" The book is filled with bright colors and large pictures. The text is limited to one or two sentences (or questions) per page. The children enjoy acting out and imitating the animals they see from the book. I usually read this story to the children when our theme is All About Me and My Body.
Tutor Time Red Hill - Ms. Crystal

The animals in the book invite children to stomp, wiggle, thump and bend across pages of the book. The children listen, imagine, discover, and feels overjoyed to be part of the action.
Kemang - Twaddler (Ms Patty)

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