ISBN : 0698116496
Book title / 圖書名稱 : Good night, Gorilla
Author / 作者 : Peggy Rathmann
Description / 介紹 : Good Night Gorilla is one of my favorite books to teach to students ages 3 and under. I love the sweet plot and the animal characters. I also like that the illustrations can stand alone to inspire discussions about so many topics (animals, colors, numbers, general vocabulary). The written words are very simple and repetitive, which allows young learners to recognize the pattern and learn the story very quickly. After reading this book to a student a couple of times, I encourage them to read it to me. This activity helps them gain confidence in reading,
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A gorilla steals the zookeepers keys and lets out all the animals. They follow the zookeeper home to his house. Then the zookeeper’s wife takes them back but the gorilla follows her back again and sleeps in their house.
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