ISBN : 068981528X
Book title / 圖書名稱 : The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Author / 作者 : Eugene Trivizas
Description / 介紹 : In an amusing reversal of the traditional tale, the homes of three cute, furry little wolves are under attack from a big pig. I love to share this story with the children when our theme is Construction or Homes, as Helen Oxenbury’s beautifully detailed illustrations show hard hats, scaffolding, pneumatic drills and cement mixers as the wolves try out increasingly sophisticated ways to protect their dwellings. Conciliation between the protagonists comes in the end not through force but through flowers. The wolves and the pig become friends and the children can see that they now have time to play together. Suitable for K2 age.
Tutor Time Red Hill - Ms. Alison

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