ISBN : 0152744282
Book title / 圖書名稱 : Silly Sally
Author / 作者 : by Audrey Wood
Description / 介紹 : Silly Sally is a book that I would personally recommend to parents. It has beautifully illustrated pages with brightly coloured, entertaining pictures.
The story of Silly Sally has a very obvious rhythm and rhyme; this enables the reader to give life to the story, making it more enjoyable for the children to listen to. The story follows Silly Sally as she makes a journey into town, walking backwards, upside down. Along the way Silly Sally meets various characters that are all as silly as she is. The silliness of this story is a lot of fun, and will be guaranteed to make your children smile, or more often than not – laugh out loud!
This book is a useful teaching aid as well as an enjoyable source of entertainment. The variety of characters enables children to learn the names of different animals, and the actions of the characters in the story allow for some great role-playing activities. The rhyming sentences will help children to develop an ear for phonics while the rhythm and ‘bounce’ of the story will easily hold their attention.
Silly Sally is both amusing and educational, and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading to children.
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