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painted face with Ms. Haze

2016-02-04 15:32:53 by Yi Nok Ethan LU (1-3-5)

It's so much fun!



2016-01-07 17:58:44 by Bowen Shing Cheung MAK (1-2-3-4-5)

The party was great!
Thanks for the arrangement.
We wish everyone have a Merry X'mas!


Denver Turns 2! Actual Day Celebration in Tutortime

2016-01-07 17:55:26 by Denver CHUI (2-4)

We would like to thank Mr. Nick, Ms. Julie, Ms. Winnie & Denver's classmates/ parents/ caregivers for joining us in the celebration of Denver's actual birthday in class (^_^) With Denver turning 2, it's sad for us to say goodbye to his teachers and classmates. Denver enjoys attending Tutor Time, and I must say our class has one of the best combination of teachers! We love Mr. Nick's unique creativity and ideas for his art activities! The whole lesson is well planned and Mr. Nick puts a lot of thoughts to creating fun yet educational activities! Ms. Winnie is very loving and patient with children, she's always full of smiles and we all love her story time, she does it so well with various tones, actions and expressions that captures the children's attention. Ms. Julie is very attentive, caring and observant which I really appreciate as a parent. I think we have ourselves a very good class! We'll be missing everyone! Till we see you guys again after we return from Singapore (after CNY 2016)!


Greta & Mathis ’s Birthday Photos

2015-11-19 16:27:04 by GRETA TSZ CHING LEE (1-2-3-4-5)

Dear Ms Kinki, Ms Cathy & Ms Paula,

Thank you all for celebrating Greta & Mathis's birthday.


Best Regards,
Greta & Mathis’s Daddy & Mommy


Happy Halloween

2015-11-06 16:16:34 by Emma Wujanto (2-3-5)

Thanks for the fun party!


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