Hong Kong’s Best Bilingual Kindergarten

What makes us different?

A healthy, safe and nurturing environment
At Tutor Time, the health and safety of our students are always of primary importance to us. All of our facilities are licensed either by the Education Bureau for nursery or kindergarten use. This means that parents can rest assured that all building, fresh air system, and fire regulations have met or exceeded the regulation standards, and are maintained by regular inspections.

Know your child is safe every minute with us. Our campuses are equipped with the 4D Safe’N’Sound security system, allowing our staff instant access to your child’s standard arrival and departure times, a list of the people authorised to pick up your child from the gate and drop them off in the morning, and their medical information.

As one of the top kindergartens in the city, we understand the concerns parents have. We involve you in our daily activities, providing you the information you need to stay up to date on your child’s progress and wellbeing. Our classrooms have both observation windows and our own kideowatch® internet-connected classroom cameras which allow parents to remotely monitor the class and the activity of their child via video streaming. Our website also offers parents greater ability than that of your standard preschool, allowing them to directly communicate with teachers and to regularly download pictures of their child’s school work and experiences.

The best kindergarten campuses produce the best education

Spacious and age-appropriate, your child will get the benefit of between 8,000 and 20,000 sq ft of creative space, all dedicated to producing the very best preschool, nursery and pre-nursery education possible. Suitable for children from 6 months to 6 years old, our institutions are equipped with novel musical instruments, a modern gym centre, a serene and inspiring nature centre, climbing walls, a soft play room, realistic roadways and more. Local and expat parents alike will know that their child is getting of the highest standards of bilingual preschool education available anywhere in the world at Tutor Time.

Caring Educators

Qualified native English, Mandarin and Early Childhood Education credentialed Tutor Time® teachers don't look at their class as a group, but as a collection of individuals, each with his or her own specific developmental needs. Ongoing assessment of each child's needs is an essential part of knowing the right type and amount of activities that will encourage continual growth and learning in your child. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures your child's unique needs will be met.

One discussion with our educators will show you the passion, the love and diligence they bring to their jobs. Tutor Time is proud to have one of the lowest teacher turnover rates in the industry, and every centre employs both CPR and First Aid-certified staff.

The City’s Top Age-specific Full Immersion Bilingual English and Mandarin programs

We are the first kindergarten from the USA to successfully implement a full immersion bilingual preschool education in English & Mandarin program in Hong Kong. Our outstanding age-specific programs, play places and personal spaces, shaped by our proprietary LifeSmart™ curriculum and dedication to the whole child, focus on meeting each and every child's developmental needs and make us one of the top kindergarten choices for Hong Kong parents.
StartSmart™ Curriculum (below 3 years old)
The StartSmart™ curriculum provides the three components of an early childhood curriculum: developmentally appropriate experiences, engaging classroom spaces and responsive teacher-child relationships. All are designed to engage your child's cognitive, emotional and physical development.

An international preschool supporting your child’s growth

We’ve designed our facilities to cater to your child’s every need. Our safe and empowering environments includes purpose-designed spaces for learning, sleeping, playing, eating and diapering. Core to our philosophy and our strength as one of the most innovative, best preschools in Hong Kong, we’ve divided each classroom into three general areas:

• Move: Using their muscles and their bodies, your child will develop their physical coordination skills through climbing, crawling, dancing, jumping and playing active games. This is especially useful for young children, as these kinds of activities help them make connections in their brains.

• Explore & Express: Children will explore their senses and their creativity, encouraged by our educators to follow their inquisitive nature by playing and experimenting with new materials, trying new things and engaging in pretend play.

• Relaxation: Current research indicates that many behavioural problems arise form children being placed in emotionally overwhelming social situations. We provide a quiet and cosy place where children can process the day’s events reading, telling stories or having conversations between each other and with the teacher.

Whether it's trying all the playground equipment or pouring cereal, we give children plenty of opportunities to investigate, explore and play in a safe, secure, yet stimulating environment. Our unique bilingual kindergarten curriculum meets emotional needs while promoting good social skills and learning.

LifeSmart™ curriculum (3 to 6 years old)
Our own unique Tutor Time® LifeSmart™ curriculum has been created to follow a best practices approach to early childhood education. Based on extensive research and drawing inspiration from respected childhood development/early education theorists including Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget, our practice is founded on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. As an international preschool, we know better than most the enormous diversity of learning styles. We understand that every child learns differently and that every child is smart, LifeSmart™ includes a set of well-defined and detailed goals designed to give your child the skills and foundation that support and build confidence to achieve at each new level. Our curriculum also takes into account the most up-to-date scientific findings about young children, as well as guidelines by leading organizations such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)
A STEAM environment in the classroom provides brain-building experiences for children as they are encouraged by the teacher to ask Why? How can I make it work better? What happened here?

Tutor Time has embraced the interdisciplinary approach to the STEAM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. All STEAM activities integrate at least two of the disciplines. For example, counting rings to determine the age of a tree includes Science and Math. Science and Technology are used when growing plants and measuring them with a ruler or taking daily photographs to record their progress. Designing a foil boat to carry as many manipulatives as possible before sinking includes Engineering and Math. Our integrated STEAM dimension develops in our students the habit of combining and applying knowledge to new challenges, as well as encouraging a host of other skills such as critical thinking, creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration.

Learning Care System® (LCS)
Being associated with the largest English preschool system in the world (over 500 schools and growing) enables us to have access to the latest teaching methods, technology and resources. We are using online lesson planning (LCS), documentation and assessment to enable the exchange of ideas between different schools in the system across 4 different continents. Furthermore, LCS allows us to evaluate the progress of thousands of children enrolled in our programs. Results showed that children attending a Tutor Time® bilingual kindergarten made substantial gains in their learning and development, and have the educational skills needed for a successful transition into primary school. In fact, it showed that in just six months, children in our programs made gains usually expected after a full year.

Center of Excellence

Since our schools' opening, we are extremely proud of the fact that they have attained "Centers of Excellence" with scores of 95% or above on the annual evaluations from Tutor Time USA. These also include parent and staff surveys of satisfaction.

Path to Primary Schools

Tutor Time® graduates consistently get accepted into their primary schools of choice including the finest international primary schools in Hong Kong such as CIS, GSIS, ESF, DGS, DBS, ISF, HKIS etc. If you’re looking to set your child up for future scholastic success, enrol in one of the best international or English preschools in the city.

Reception and Lower Primary School Interviews Preparation
Every year, Tutor Time graduates are consistently accepted into their primary schools of choice. Many years of experience guiding students through school interviews have given our teachers valuable insight regarding the assessment process in a number of local and international schools.

We have embedded interview skills training into our LifeSmart curriculum so that each child may face school interviews with confidence. In addition, our regular communication with primary schools means that we are able to update classroom activities to reflect specific tasks in interviews.

Interview practice sessions, when the children will be presented with the type of questions/exercises they would face in a real primary school interview setting, are available for Tutor Time K2 and K3 children. Please ask your center director for more details.

Our bilingual preschool works in tandem with our students’ parents

Designed to facilitate communication between teachers and parents, our unique message board keeps families updated on school events and notices while allowing them to speak directly to teachers. Each family has their own login allowing them to directly email our educators.

Key to our reputation as one of the best Mandarin and English preschools is our understanding of parents’ need to be kept up to date on their child’s progress. Therefore, our teachers create weekly reports and monthly newsletters, outlining what activities their child engaged in and enjoyed, and leaving personal comments or stories about how they’re performing.

When children participate in a special event, we make sure photos are uploaded to your account for you to put in the family photo album. Parents can also view a live video stream from our own kideowatch® classroom camera that shows what their child is doing in class.

To learn more about why we are known as the best bilingual kindergarten in Hong Kong, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by using the online enquiry form.